What is Drive Time about?

We’re here to help you stay on top of managing your fleet more easily, With so many suppliers, payment options and contracts available, it can be confusing, time consuming and even overwhelming, deciding which are the right options for your business. – We are changing this with industry news, product reviews, advice from our panel of industry experts, our unique quotation request platform and our jargon free library – and that is just the starting point.

We here to help you make the informed best decisions for your fleet quickly and easily, allowing you to get back to your core business activities sooner.

Discover more about how our site works, to help you understand what and how we do things at Drive Time.

Our mission statements

We want to speed up the way in which our clients can find the best suppliers for their corporate fleets – by getting the right suppliers to contact them when they are needed, allowing our clients to concentrate on getting back to their core business activities faster. To encourage and improve the way in which suppliers support our clients – through our advice panel, and through the provision of relevant stories which have real everyday business impact. To raise awareness of the ever changing technologies being released to improve how fleet vehicles may be used in the future.

100% independent

We are 100% independent, which means we’re not owned by any supplier or affiliated company. Our independence means we’re free to focus our energy and efforts on serving you, our customers.

Who we work with

At the moment, we are on phase one of our site, with phase two coming in the next few weeks. For phase one we currently work over 150 suppliers – and we have no intention of narrowing this down, only by working with as many suppliers as we can will we understand how they may be able to help you and your business – and we have already found some excellent solutions. We look to inform you in a simple manner, the pro’s and con’s for the types of services offered by suppliers - once you have selected the type of products you would like to look at in more detail, our system will then provide the range of suitable brands – and will arrange for them to contact you to discuss your requirements.

Keeping your data safe

We know that feeling safe online is absolutely critical. Protecting your privacy and keeping your details secure is our top priority.

Get in touch

We want to encourage communication with our client, and have pride in ourselves in being available for our customers. If you would like to discuss our service in more detail please feel free to contact us via email to customerservices@drivetimeuk.co.uk

Protecting your privacy

We're strict with how we protect your information. Our privacy policy explains everything – including the information we collect, what we pass on, and your rights and responsibilities – in detail.

Passing your details on

As part of our job of finding you the best suppliers for your business, we pass your information on to a maximum of four companies we work with, all of whom offer a service suitable for your requirements.

This means you only need to provide your requirement once. But we only provide them with what’s essential.

This is what happens:

  1. Select the type of service you would to know more about.
  2. Complete our simple to use form.
  3. We pass the facts to your selected companies – getting them to send you quotes directly.
  4. We contact you to make sure the quotations provided match your needs after 48 hours.
  5. We pass your feedback through to the suppliers to help them ensure you get their best possible service.