Correct oil choice is vital to keep your fleet on the road

Put the wrong fuel in a vehicle and the impact is immediate. Put the wrong oil in a vehicle and the impact could be just as severe. Poor quality or the wrong oil can cause accelerated wear in gears and bearings leading to increased maintenance costs and if left unchecked, eventual engine failure. The last thing any fleet manager wants is costly maintenance bills and needless breakdowns that could have been avoided.

With ever increasing pressure on fleet managers to minimise costs and maximise value, oil choice is of heightened significance. Not only does oil provide essential lubrication for the engine, it also protects against friction, damage and wear & tear to the vehicle’s moving parts.

That’s where the Verification of Lubricant Specifications (VLS) is able to help. VLS’s role is to ensure that lubricants being sold are fit for purpose and deliver what is claimed. Fleet managers can be assured that lubricants are what they say they are, and can do what is being claimed. Everything from engine to transmission and gear oil is covered by the scheme.

VLS FleetAndrew Goddard, Chairman of VLS comments: “In 2013 the lubricants industry faced a real problem. Some lubricant products were being sold on the marketplace with claims that were simply unrealistic. Closer inspection found that occasionally sub-standard formulations were being passed off as the latest specifications, or even failing to perform effectively at low temperatures.

Although this occurred in the minority of cases and the vast majority of lubricants available in the marketplace met the exacting standards of market and OEM specifications, it still gave cause for concern.

Out of this concern, reputable lubricant blenders and manufacturers came together to launch the Verification of Lubricant Specifications (VLS). VLS is an industry body that independently validates complaints regarding the technical specifications and performance claims of products. Since its inception in 2013, VLS has arbitrated over 50 different lubricant complaints covering issues such as cold weather properties through to compliance with industry standards and market regulations.”

Membership of VLS is open to any commercial or industrial end user, marketer, agent, distributor, service provider, or Industry trade association. Details of all current members are published on the VLS website so you can check to see if the oils currently being used on your fleet are produced or distributed by a registered member.  Fleet Managers can also consider joining VLS to safeguard their vehicles, gain assurance about the performance claims of lubricants and ensure that their investment is protected.

To find out more about VLS you can visit their website www.ukla-vls.org.uk