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In depth look – ODO Drive product launch and what it really means for small businesses

Last week we announced the fleet management software provider Drive Software Solutions Limited (DSSL) had officially launched their new service ODO Drive, which is aimed specifically at helping smaller businesses keep on top of their fleet management requirements, last weeks article can be found below.

ODO launch puts small businesses in the driving seat when looking after their company vehicles

Now it would be very easy to have just left that article there – but there is something about this new service from DSSL, a company known for supporting some of the largest fleets in the world with keeping on top of their assets, wanting to provide a service suitable for companies whom are operating much lower volumes of vehicles, that we feel it only right to explain the benefits of the service for small businesses and break the service down into a more bite size run through.

What is ODO Drive?

Firstly the ODO Drive service sits very close to the Drive Time ethos, both are being developed on the understanding that managing the everyday part of your business is the bread and butter of your tasks –keeping on top of things such as vehicle maintenance, driver compliance checking, vehicle valuations, maintenance and vehicle tracking sometimes gets lost in the pile of paperwork piling up on your desk, even if this means your company could be at risk.

Whilst our Drive Time service is about finding the right supplier for your business vehicle needs both new and existing, ODO Drive is very much focusing on the vehicles and drivers you already have and is all about providing you with a visibility of your company assets status’s, whilst delivering this to you via the powerful Oracle Cloud.

Who is it for?

The reality is that any company with a vehicle would benefit from using this service, however as you would expect the larger companies typically purchase a bespoke solution which can run into tens of thousands of pounds.

The real winners for users of this service are the SME sector, companies running anything from 1 to 50 vehicles, where the responsibility of managing the vehicles can range from the Business Owner, Fleet Manager, Mobility Managers, Finance Managers and HR Managers. This is partly down to the functionality the service provides, coupled with a rolling monthly contract and reasonable cost.

What does ODO Drive do?

As we have mentioned the ODO Drive system is all about visibility of your company vehicles and drivers, allowing you to remain complaint and supporting you to reduce costs, in a simple to use platform. But what information does it hold, and how can this help you?

The system stores vehicle and driver data, allowing you to receive cost savings, by facilitating the tracking, management and control of expenditure. In addition, the system helps you maintain compliance for your vehicles and drivers, whilst also allowing you to receive important alerts and reminders.

In addition to this the service will continue to evolve with a fully integrated telematics element by Q1 2018, and iOS and Android app’s from Q2 2018.

So is it expensive?

The short answer to this is no, for a piece of fleet management software, which is powerful enough to manage over 28 elements of managing your vehicles, for fleets operating in the 1,000’s of vehicles the pricing structure is sensible and scaled to your functionality requirement and size of fleet. Couple this with the rolling monthly contracts instead of long term commitments and it becomes to make great sense to even trial the service to understand it in more depth.

The Pricing structure, and functionality lists are provided below, and if you would like to find out more about the service you are able to do so on the ODO Drive website which is www.ododrive.com/

Small Fleets (up to 10 Assets) Cost per asset per month
30 days free trial, then….  
Start Free of Charge
Professional £3.00
Expert £5.00
Medium Fleets (11 to 150 Assets)  
30 days free trial, then….  
Professional £2.50
Expert £4.50
Large Fleets (over 150 Assets)  
30 days free trial, then….  
Professional £2.00
Expert £3.50


Features ODO Start ODO Pro ODO Expert
Basic fleet dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Work authorisation Yes Yes Yes
Basic vehicle data Yes Yes Yes
Document upload Yes Yes Yes
Driving licence details Yes Yes Yes
Employee/ driver details Yes Yes Yes
MOT service scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Manual fuel entry Yes Yes Yes
Manual vehicle entry Yes Yes Yes
P11D data display by driver Yes Yes Yes
RFL/ VED expiry Yes Yes Yes
Vehicle + driver allocation Yes Yes Yes
Vehicle de-fleet Yes Yes Yes
Workflow (to do list) Yes Yes Yes
Full pricing data from CAP Yes Yes Yes
Acquisitions   Yes Yes
Disposals   Yes Yes
Grey-fleet insurance details   Yes Yes
Inward leasing   Yes Yes
Bulk vehicle loader     Yes
Full WAs/SMR inc codes     Yes
Bulk employee loader     Yes
Full service scheduling     Yes
Linked drivers (family etc)     Yes
Vehicle fines     Yes
DVLA licence checks     Yes
Grey-fleet MIB insurance checks     Yes
Driver reminders (workflow – email)     Yes

Our Final Thoughts

Managing a business is difficult but managing a business which has driving staff and vehicles involved, is time consuming, sometimes frustrating, but most importantly confusing as to which services are nice to have and which are business critical.

We believe any service which supports small businesses in managing this process whilst allowing them to concentrate on their day to day work activities is not only needed but certainly welcomed and can only help small businesses manage their overheads more effectively. ODO Drive does this in spades packaged in an easy to use platform, which will become even more accessible with the launch of the mobile applications. We would certainly recommend taking a look at the free trial to get a feel of the system for yourself.