Lightfoot’s in-vehicle fleet driver improvement technology shortlisted for 2017 Design in Innovation Awards

Lightfoot, the award-winning, government-supported in-vehicle driver improvement technology for fleets, has this week been honoured with a place on the shortlist for the prestigious 2017 Design in Innovation Awards, held at Innovate 2017, the UK’s leading innovation show.

Judged by an expert panel, which included Innovate UK chief executive Dr. Ruth McKernan, Lightfoot was selected as one of just eight businesses to make it through to the finals from a field of over 70 contenders, each of which had been hand selected by Innovate UK to showcase the brightest and boldest UK innovations to over 2,500 businesses from around the globe.

Lightfoot’s entry was of particular interest to the judges as its in-vehicle device, described as the “Fitbit for cars and vans”, has been used to transform the way individuals drive. By providing real time feedback to the driver, encouraging smoother, more efficient driving, Lightfoot is slashing pollution and fuel bills, while helping to lower accidents on the road.  Fleets using Lightfoot typically cut fuel costs by 15-20%, CO₂ emissions by 10-20%, nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions by 20% and particulates by 15%.  Fleets are also experiencing reductions in accidents of up to 60%.

What really impressed the judges was Lightfoot’s approach to competitive efficiency, which incentivizes Lightfoot users to drive more smoothly and considerately through the prospect of winning prizes.  These prizes range from a year’s supply of pies to a track day with Nigel Mansell. 

Commenting on Lightfoot’s shortlisting, Innovate UK Chief Executive, Dr Ruth McKernan said: “Innovate 2017 is an ideal platform for Lightfoot to showcase their game-changing innovation to national and international businesses and investors.  I congratulate Lightfoot on their success in making it down to the last eight in the 2017 Design Innovation Awards.  This is a major achievement and they are an excellent example of the strength of UK innovation.”

Dan Regan, Head of Engagement at Exeter-based Lightfoot commented: “Making it to the finals of the 2017 Design in Innovation Awards is a huge honour.  It further endorses our work to help businesses, individuals and local authorities tackle pollution on the roads, providing a practical and deliverable solution here and now. 

The shortlisting has raised our profile with thousands of influential businesses attending Innovate 2017 from around the world.  We’ve not only been approached by businesses interested in investing in our technology, but also by businesses looking to partner with us on automotive-focused Internet of Things projects linked to enhancing connected car technology.”

Earlier this year Lightfoot received almost £1million in Government funding from Innovate UK and The Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) to further develop its technology.