New service provides free to access detail, for real world Mpg figures for over 60,000 cars.

For business owners and fleet managers, the need for obtaining a clear line of sight for vehicles real-world fuel economy figures – is only increasing as companies look to make their transport operations more efficient and cost effective.

Leading independent authority on these real-world figures, Emission Analytics, whom have tested over 60,000 model variants, have this week released their new service, which provides a free to access database to support companies – the EQUA Mpg Index is based on real on-road testing and can be accessed via their website, which can be found here .

The Equa Mpg Index has been developed by testing hundreds of cars in standardised, on-road conditions. The programme joins the growing range of tools from Emissions Analytics, including EQUA Aq, which measures real-world emissions of nitrogen oxides, and EQUA CO, for poisonous carbon monoxide.

The new programme is the only one of its kind, with results based upon on-road testing. It will deliver more realistic figures than the new official fuel economy test, the World harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), set for introduction in 2017, which will still rely on laboratory-based testing.

Emissions Analytics’ research has found that in 2016 the average shortfall between official and real-world fuel economy results has reached 29%, with some vehicles more than 40% adrift. Over the last two years the average real-world fuel economy of cars fell for the first time ever, down to 40mpg from 41mpg. Diesel cars were worst affected, falling from 45mpg to 42mpg over the same period.

EQUA Mpg provides a new sticker, which is based on real-world, on-road testing, for every mainstream car on sale today. Emissions Analytics has tested more vehicles in Europe than any other independent organisation, and has an ongoing programme to ensure the latest vehicles are tested as soon after launch as possible.