Vehicle Tracking

What is the typical price for a Vehicle Tracking solution?

The cost of vehicle tracking can hugely vary. The two key factors that determine pricing are the size of your fleet and the capabilities of the system. In this blog, we look at the main options available to businesses.

App-based tracking: from £4 per month

The cheapest option is app-based tracking, which works via an app on the driver’s smartphone. Typically this is priced from £4 per driver, per month. Overheads are low, as there is no tracking hardware involved, nor installation fees.

However, smartphone apps are often limited in what they can do beyond basic track n trace functionality. So be sure to investigate the app’s features before you invest.

Basic vehicle tracking: from £8 per month

Standard track n trace typically costs between £8 and £12 per vehicle, per month. Pricing will again vary depending on the type of hardware used, as well as its functionality – always check what features the system offers.

Advanced telematics: from £16 per month

More advanced telematics systems are available for £16 – £20 per vehicle, per month. These should offer a full suite of features, in line with your company’s key objectives. For example, if you want vehicle tracking that also helps lower insurance premiums and cut fuel consumption, then you would benefit from telematics that includes driver behaviour technology.

Other common add-ons include geo-fencing, time sheets, P11D business/private mileage management, and downloadable reports. Innovative suppliers will go one step further, offering you even more productivity-boosting or cost-saving features such as route optimisation, or vehicle health alerts.

Unexpected Costs

It’s not all about the hardware, software and functionality – there are many suppliers who will charge for extras. So ask them to be up front about any and all additional fees.

The key ones are:

  • Installation and removal

Some companies offer free installation – but check the small print and you’ll see that you will be charged a fee to uninstall the hardware at the end of the contract. Good suppliers will be up front about these costs. The very best will offer a choice between hardwired systems and plug n play, self-install systems. Also be aware that installation and removal of hardware means vehicle down time, which can cost your business money unless it is carefully planned. Factor this into your calculations when comparing and contrasting hardwired units with self-install devices.

  • Bespoke work

If an off-the-shelf solution isn’t the perfect fit for your fleet, a good vehicle tracking provider should be able to tweak it for you. However, you should expect to be charged for this bespoke work – make sure you agree the pricing in advance.

  • Project management and professional services

Integrating your vehicle tracking solution with third party systems will incur additional costs, and may require downtime for your servers. Again, make sure you agree the pricing before the work goes ahead, and plan any down time carefully to minimise disruption and cost to your business

Fleet Size

Typically, smaller businesses prefer lower-cost vehicle tracking that provides them with basic functionality. Larger fleets looking to optimise the savings that telematics delivers may prefer much more feature-rich systems, with advanced analytic and reporting capabilities.

Whatever the size of your fleet, whether it is one vehicle or one thousand, there is a vehicle tracking solution right for you.