Volkswagen’s national Tyre Safety Check begins

Participating members of Volkswagen’s UK Retailer network are offering drivers a handy bonus this month: a free Tyre Safety Check. Vehicles will also receive an Express Visual Check, as well as being washed and vacuumed prior to being handed back to customers.

As the only contact between vehicle and road, ensuring tyres are in a safe condition is, of course, vital. Volkswagen Retailers will check three aspects of the tyres. First, each tyre needs to be in good overall condition and have no cuts or bulges. Often only a close inspection will reveal objects embedded in the tyre’s tread.

Second, the tyre needs to have enough tread to cope with standing water on the road. A minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm is the legal requirement, but performance decreases once the depth falls below 3 mm. Tyre tread depth can also impact the braking distance a vehicle requires.

Thirdly, incorrect tyre pressure can result in a variety of unforeseen issues. These include increased wear, or uneven wear across the tyre surface. This can have an adverse impact on handling and grip and can result in the driver having to replace the vehicle’s tyres earlier than would otherwise be necessary. In some circumstances under-inflated tyres can also lead to increased fuel consumption.

Volkswagen Retailers will check each of these areas in the comprehensive Tyre Safety Check. It will all be completed for free – and the Retailer will also ensure the spare tyre or tyre mobility kit is ready for action.

The additional Express Visual Check involves a trained Volkswagen technician examining 34 areas of the customer’s car to make sure it is ready for the final months of winter, and beyond.

Finally, the car will be washed and vacuumed before being returned to the customer. All of this is carried out free of charge in Volkswagen’s Tyre Safety Check, which runs from 1 February to 28 February at participating Retailers nationwide.

The free Tyre Safety Check and Express Visual Check applies to all Volkswagen cars aged between 18 months and 10 years old.